The ratings on these drabbles varies, however, many are Rated R 18+ so if you are not 18 it is best to avoid this page.

I LOVE to Drabble so... If you would like a drabble written for you just comment in the review section at the bottom of the page: I am happy to take almost any request  however I will not do Spike romantically paired with anyone other than Buffy and/or Faith. I also will not do incest.

Romantic pairings are indicated by "/"       Non-romantic pairings are indicated by "&"

                  Spuffy (not necessarily romantically)              Non-Spuffy

* Colder than Death

* Too late

* Under his spell.

* In these arms.

* Destinyfulfilled.                                          

* Duplicity

* Mum's are like that.

* Stupid Vampire.

* Chocolatey-wrongness

* Just deserts

* To Feel

* A Different Sort of Drug

* Sleep my love.

* No rest for the wicked. (mostly Spike with a slight Spuffy theme)

* Letting go.

* Joss 100 Challenge (Giles/Ethan)

* Sweet Nothings   (Spike & Harmony)

* Convalescence. (Spike & Tara)

* Resistancenot so futile. (Willow & Angel)

* Channel of communication.  (Buffy & Gunn)

* Bread and butter. (Buffy/Spike/Faith)

* Toady Smut (The name says it all!)

* Justice. (Spike & Willow)

* A lesson in futility. (Spike & Rikku)

* Fear. (Anya)

* Leaving. ( Buffy & Derek Bliss)

* Better luck next time. ( Buffy/Riley)

* Rules are rules. (Anyanka & Angelus)

* Satisfaction guaranteed. (Wesley & Faith)

* Waste not want not. (Angel & The Tooth Fairy)

* Sweet awakenings. (Angel/Willow)

* Showdown. (Cordelia & Anya)

* Parting is such sweet sorrow. (Spike & Joyce)

* A visit with a friend. (Spike & Tara)

* Affinity (Dawn & Spike)

* Face to face  (Angel & Gunn & Angelus)

* Craving  (Andrew pov)


'Hearts Breaking Even' Ganya series

* A heart's refuge. (Giles / Anya)

* The way to a woman's heart... (Giles/Anya)