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I think we can all agree that Becoming was the most heart-wrenching episode of Buffy ever
So I've created this archive solely for fanfic dealing with the episode Becoming and its aftermath.

Some of these stories are very sad so keep the tissues ready.

The new season has started, so now we'll find out how Joss plans to resolve everything...but all the stories in this archive were written over the summer before season 3 started...check how the authors' visions compare with what happens on the show.

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And Now...The Fanfiction

Not completed ---- means that the fic is unfinished.
**Tissue Warning** means that the story is a tear-jerker.
And you can pretty much consider anything that deals with the last 15 minutes of Becoming as a tear jerker...even if it isn't labeled.

Because the archive has gotten rather large, you can use this index to find your favorite author
...or simply scroll down to browse.


Laure Alexander

Joyce confronts the truth about Buffy. This is an introspective piece and relates a lot of history

Mortal Enemies
Buffy leaves Sunnydale behind, but Spike catches up with her.
Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Part 5 Part 6
Part 7 Part 8
Part 9 Part 10

The Shadow
Spike and Dru are reunited now that Angel is out of the picture.


A Moment
A poem dealing with Buffy's angst about her final confrontation with Angel.

A poem dealing with the scene where Xander watches over Willow's bedside.


The Road In Between
Angel meets an entirely different type of angel.


No Matter What
Angel reflects on his last confrontation with Buffy

Tears in Heaven
Buffy's dreams are haunted by the events of the past

The Darkest Hour
When something horrible happens, how will Giles deal with it?
**Tissue Warning**

The Lighter Side of Shadows
Angel gets out of Hell.
(This one made me cry...but it's got a happy ending.)

In the Still of the Night
Xander thoughts after Becoming.

Becoming and it's aftermath from Willow's perspective.
Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Part 5 Part 6
Part 7 Part 8
Part 9 Epilogue


Light a Single Candle
Really beautiful poem from Buffy's POV.


A New Life
In attempt to forget about the past, Buffy tries to become someone else and make a new life for herself.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Life and Love
The sequel to A New Life. It takes place between the last chapter and the epilogue.



Scarecrow Summers Gets a New Brain
An alternate ending to Becoming 1

Post-Becoming scene between Giles and Joyce.

Resolving the Cordy/Xander thing.

Jessica Brumley

And Now I Wait
Angel's POV on the final confrontation with Buffy.

Tough Decisions
The scene in the road in Becoming 2 where Xander lies

A Future Untold
After Kendra's death a new Slayer is called...Buffy runs into her after leaving Sunnydale and begins to confront the pain she is running from..


Roller Derby Buffy
Buffy joins the roller derby and the gang tries to bring her and Angel back.


Rebecca Carefoot

Buffy's POV on the last scene between Buffy and Angel. Major angst.
**Tissue Warning**

The companion piece to Heart. Angel's POV on the last Buffy/Angel scene and his love for Buffy.
**Tissue Warning**

Bittersweet Surprise
Willow POV post-Becoming...on Buffy, Xander and life as she knows it.


Angel's history (as told by Becoming part 1) from the night he became a vampire to his coming to America.
This is only the parts of the history where he had a soul.

The Step Between Life and Death
When something horrible happens to Xander Willow is the only one who can help.
This one is fairly disturbing.


Another Choice
An alternate ending to Becoming.


The Wildest Times in the World
This isn't exactly a Becoming fic because it's set 20 years in the futre. But it is set after Becoming, and it does deal with some of the issues of those it's REALLY good.
After Angel got back from hell he left Sunnydale.
But 20 years in the future, Buffy & Angel are re-united.
**Tissue Warning**

Walking Home
Angel's back from Hell, but he's been making himself scarce...and Buffy's mom has something to say about that.

Welcome Home
The sequel to Walking Home.
Buffy and Angel deal with some issues.


Melinda S. Dawney and Lil-Wolf

Broken Wings
This story follows two time lines. Lil-Wolf wrote the "past"-set two years after Becoming-the odd numbered parts. Melinda wrote the "present"- set three years after Becoming-the even parts. You'll understand when you see it.
Beautiful Buffy and Angel fic...a must read.

Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Part 5 Part 6
Part 7 Part 8
Part 9 Part 10
**Tissue Warning**


Drowning in Your Sleep
Guess who Willow finds drunk.


Saved by a Technicality
An alternate ending to Becoming


The Way Back
A poem dealing with Angel's thoughts about his final confrontation with Buffy and its result.


She is Only Sleeping
A poem dealing with Xander's thoughts beside a comatose Willow.



To Hell and Back
Picks up where Becoming left off. A possible solution to the mess.
Part 1 Part 6 Part 11
Part 2 Part 7 Part 12
Part 3 Part 8 Part 13
Part 4 Part 9 Part 14
Part 5 Part 10 Part 15

Wishing you Were Here Somehow
Heavy Buffy angst 7 years after Becoming..

Little White Lie
Xander's journal entry a few weeks after Becoming.


Melinda Frango

I Reached Out
An alternate ending to Becoming from Buffy's POV. Not exactly a happy ending...but something I think we all thought about.

Long Distance
Willow gets a phone call from Buffy.



Run Away
Buffy's thoughts as she runs away.


Dare H.

The Dark Shades
Spike realizes that Buffy was right about Dru;she is a ho...but what is he going to do about it?
Part 1:Changes
Part 2:Cruel as the Night
Part 3:It's Hard Sometimes
Part 4:Nowhere
Part 5:Loss

A Different Shade: The Alternate Ending to The Dark Shades. NC-17

Hannah R.H

A series of stories relating to the interactions of the Buffy characters and thier activities in the summer of Buffy's absence. (They should be read in order...but each story is self-contianed.)

In the Circle
Willow runs into an old "friend" in Washington D.C.

Nightly News
Cordelia briefs Xander on Willow's run-in.

Giles and Xander work through some of thier issues over Xander's recent behavior.
**Tissue Warning**
(This one made me cry, but I don't know if that's just because I'm a sap.:)


Letting Go
It's set several years in the future. Angel is out of hell...but Buffy doesn't realize it.
**Tissue Warning**

Samantha Hodge

Gateway to Hell
A Poem. Buffy's thoughts as she sends Angel to hell.


Fate's Evil Hand
A poem from Whistler's POV about what Buffy and Angel have gone through.



Last Chance
Buffy has one last chance to say good-bye to Angel.

Karen Jephson

Tell the Mayor...
Who was Snyder talking to on the phone in Becoming 2?

I Have Good News
The sequel to Tell the Mayor.
An evil has reared it's not so ugly head in Sunnydale, and all are affected.

Giles makes a confession.




I'll Have Another Barkeep.
Spike and Harry the Barkeep share a moment.

Truths, Dolls and the Damned
Spike and Willow have a run-in.

The Morning Ater...and then Some.
The sequel to Truth, Dolls and the Damned.
Dru gets jealous, Oz gets hairy, and things get heated up.

The Chase
This isn't really a Becoming fic...but it's a part of the series so I'm putting it in.
The third part of The Damned Series. Spike keeps a promise.

Carla Kozak

These three stories make up the parts of a series.
A View From Below
Deals with what Angel is going through in Hell.
Includes a flashback to Angel's life before he was a vampire.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
Sequel to The View From Below.
Angel gets a visit from Whistler.

Sequel to Who Wants to Live Forever?
Angel has been released from Hell and is looking for Buffy.


Dreamless Sleep
Buffy's left Sunnydale, but she's not as far away as some might think; the Slayerettes are trying to deal with the aftermath of Becoming and get Angel back.


Lady Raven

Another Destiny
How would Becoming have been changed if Angelís curse hadnít broken, and he was the Chosen One for once?
Not completed

Lady Sirona

Hell's Angel
Angel's in Hell. But he won't be there for long because Buffy needs his help.
Angel angst.

Heaven's Slayer
The companion piece to Hell's Angel. The Buffy POV.


Sitting Still
Buffy/Angel poem


Bat Out of Hell
The powers that be intervene on Buffy and Angel's behalf.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Little Lotte

Let Go of the Night
What happened to the gang after that fateful night.


I'll Kiss You Light
A poem from Buffy's POV - what she would tell Angel if she could.



Unexpected Visit
Buffy talks to an unexpected guest on the bus out of Sunnydale.


Spike's Wild Ride
Spike's drive out of Sunnydale.

Samantha McCullah

What Xander's thinking as Willow wakes from her coma.

Angel's out of Hell and goes to someone for help.

Accusations of the Soul
Angel meets someone with even more emotional baggage than he has.


Do The Right Thing
An alternate ending to Becoming. What might have happened if Xander had told Buffy the truth.

Mediancat and Danielle

Conduct Unbecoming
A week or so after the events of Becoming, Willow remembers something, Joyce Summers wants answers, and Spike finds Buffy on the road with an ominous warning: Dru's headed back to Sunnydale

Amy Mina

Why Don't I Ever Learn?
Buffy's thoughts as she runs back to the school in Becoming 1

K.M. Morton

I'll Stand by You
Angel and Buffy are separated..but maybe with a little help they won't have to be forever.

Final Destiny
Set after Becoming...
Angel does something that will impact the whole group.



First Night on the Job
The Slayerettes try to take over Buffy's slaying while she's gone.

Without a Trace
Willow dreads finding out what's happened to Buffy after Becoming.


In The Blink of An Eye
The fight between Kendra and Dru in Becoming part 1

The confrontation between Buffy and her mom in Becoming Part 2 from Buffy's POV.

Hold On
Giles' POV while being tortured by Angelus.

A Long Time Coming
Spike's POV as he pounds Angelus into a bloody pulp.

Giles thinks about Buffy

You Always Hurt the Ones You Love
Buffy swaps stories with a stranger in a restaurant.

Buffy finally returns something unexpected.
**Tissue Warning**

Love and Pain
This is a silly fic.
Angel meets someone, and swaps stories.


The Long Road Home
The adventures of Buffy and Whistler on the road.
Prologue Part 5
Part 1 Part 6
Part 2 Part 7
Part 3 Part 8
Part 4 Part 9

The End
The last 10 minutes of Becoming 2.


Amber Reflections
Joyce is having trouble dealing with the loss of her daughter.

Ocean Mists
Willow deals with the loss of Buffy through the help of her friends and especially Oz.



I'm Never Letting You Go
Oz overhears a confession. This one deals with the Willow in the hospital scene.

Oz and Willow take a trip to the playground.

A. Price

Too Long, Too Far From Home
Buffy's in New York, and she's met some new friends...but she can't leave her past behind.

Princess Jewels

Thank You For Being There
Willow thoughts after Becoming


I Knew You'd Be Back
What will happen to Buffy after she leaves Sunnydale and inadvertantly meets up with Kendra's replacement.



I Will Always Love You
A Poem from buffy's POV.


Angel gets out of hell.
Angst and happiness follows.


A series of letters to the Slayerettes, dealing with Buffy's situation.

Dear Willow
A letter from Buffy to Willow

A letter to Willow from Mr. Chase


Serendipity and Tracy

Love is Friendship Set on Fire
The aftermath of Xander's bedside confession to Willow as the gang's search for Buffy continues.
Not Completed.

Leslie Surgento

The Good-bye Girl
What happens after Buffy sends Angel to Hell, but before she gets on the bus.

Wendy Shapard

Whistler provides Buffy with some philosphical input.

A dialogue between 3 entities trapped in a prison in the outskirts of Hell.


From Angel's Eyes
Buffy attempts to deal with what she has done. The last minutes of Becoming 2...after the fateful Buffy/Angel scene, as Buffy leaves Sunnydale.
From Angel's Eyes: Part 2


Angel From Hell
Buffy has been gone for a few months, and returns to Sunnydale.
Parts 1-3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Lingering Hell
The sequel to Angel From Hell.
Buffy has to deal with life, her relationship to Angel, her friends and Nightshade.


Your Eyes
A poem. Buffy thinks about Angel.

A New Love
A solution to the Becoming mess. Xander/Willow romance and Buffy/Angel romance.
Not completed



My All
An idea as to what happened to Buffy and co. after Buffy leaves Sunnydale
Not completed


A poem dealing with Buffy's thoughts about what she did to Angel.

The Path Not Taken
A poem about choices made in life.

I See
Poem from Angel's POV

Crying Out Your Name
Poem from Buffy's POV

The Thereafter
Buffy's on the run from her past and the police.
Part 1
Part 2
Not completed



Why I've Always Hated Him
Xander explores his hated of Angel. Very Dark Xander

Jeff Weitkamp

Buffy meets up wtih a stranger after leaving Sunnydale.

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